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Thursday, November 25, 2004


If I say goodbye

if i say goodbye would you think of me tonight?
would you cry as hard as I would cry?
Would you remember the nights we shared,
the kisses so sweet and conversations so deep?
If i say goodbye would i leave a mark in your heart?
or would i be forgotten - just a fleeting memory being blown by the wind?
If i say goodbye would you even notice it? would it change your life in any way?
would you fight to have me back or would you just go on as if i didnt even exist?

If I say goodbye...
if ever i can say goodbye...
would i break your heart
as much as I would break mine?

Saturday, November 20, 2004

my pic

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

its meeh jhanine!

You see... my complete name is Janine Joy Inson. My family used to call me "joy" but i prefer to be called as "janine" by my friends and collegues. Becoz of this I got this feeling that im having 2 different personalities...heheh. Actually, i just can get along with anybody which made me win a lot of friends. If you're one of them, its becoz i consider you worthy enough to share my craziest, wildest and most emotional side. My colors are pink, blue and purple. I enjoy shopping for clothes in the mall or "ukay ukay" (hihihi...) , although im not really a fashionista. Music and singing has been my first love. I remember how i proudly sang "If we hold on together" in my first stereo karaoke when i was 10 years old... Hahah. I just can appreciate any kind of music, it doesnt matter if its a freaky loud one or the funkiest one... i could dance to that nway. What's keeping be bz now?... its my my damn PC! Chatting with my old and new buddies, surfing the net and soundtripping every night after work. Watching dvd's and dating with friends during weekends. This is how my life has been after our BREAK-UP... but despite of that, i always choose to smile. I know life must still go on...